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#LifeHappens – Important life insurance questions answered 

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and it is a little different this year. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the finances of millions and exacerbated just how fragile life can be. Financial stability is more important than ever before.    According to LIMRA research, nearly half of Americans are uninsured and those who are, do not…
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Navigating the road less traveled

Daily life, and life as a whole, has certainly changed for many, if not for all of us, following the COVID-19 outbreak. It has brought a sense of uneasiness and urgency to make sure all our ducks are in a row financially.   The volatility rollercoaster has pushed people to the edge of their seats…
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Inflation: A race against the clock

When planning for retirement, there’s an overall goal that the plan will withstand the test of time, longevity and all the added variables, like inflation.     Your retirement is being attacked— by inflation! That’s right. Your dreams of sitting on a beach with gray hair, a good book, and a cold beer are under siege…
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Navigating taxes and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19

Coronavirus wreaked havoc on the U.S., including employment, retirement plans and taxes. Though we’ve passed the new July 15th tax date, for many, taxes and all the questions surround them remain to loom over their heads. While COVID-19 is getting worse in some (or a lot) states, American’s can’t help but continue to wonder about…
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From the Desk of Jared Elson

“I can’t breathe.” These three words have come to mean so much to so many people across this country and the world. People are filled with passion for a cause, mourning, grieving, and many who haven’t said much are now saying enough is enough. George Floyd can no longer breathe, and neither can Ahmed Arbery,…
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How to Plan for Volatility during COVID-19

Some would say that volatility is here to stay following the COVID-19 pandemic. And others would even go as far as to say we are embarking on the next recession. Whether your beliefs align with the former,  the latter or none of the above, chances are you feel uneasy. You are not alone.   It…
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