The Authentic Retirement Process™

VisionOur Authentic Retirement Process™ is designed to help clients achieve simplicity and more financial security during the second half of their lives. Visit our blog to learn more about our process!

With investment discipline, limiting volatility and fees, and focusing on income planning, clients will be given a comprehensive approach to retirement. It is our job to ensure that our clients’ assets are working properly to help accomplish the initially set financial goals.



Some of the most iconic artistic pieces were crafted over a period of time, using a variety of influences and never being truly duplicated. Together, we will paint a picture of your ideal retirement and set specifically tailored goals that best suit you and your situation. What kind of lifestyle do you want to live in retirement? What tools do you need to reach your ideal retirement?

Before we are able to “paint the picture” of your ideal retirement, we must learn more about you. What is important to you? What kind of impact you want to have on the world and in your family? What is the current driving force behind your finances today? Are you working in retirement?



Before an artistic takes a paintbrush to the canvas, they take a look at the big picture and vision of this soon to be developed piece of art. The same goes with your ideal retirement plan. We assess your current plan or investments; identify any gaps or weak that could be detrimental to your future.

We help you uncover the obstacles that could prevent you from ultimately having the retirement you dreamed of. Are you currently using the right tools; are those tools working the way you envisioned they would? Are you faced with too many fees, risk or volatility? What safety nets do you have in place in case of critical illness or loss of income from a spouse?

Our interpretation of your current plans helps us to decipher the most fitting tools to create your well-tailored plan. It’s best to take a step back and look at the big picture, the influences behind the plan and tie those factors together with the goals set.



The creation of an art piece is the moment of truth. Was it what the artist envisioned? Were the right tools used? This applies the same way that it does for the development of a plan that best suits you.

Setting goals, identifying tools and learning about your ideal retirement lifestyle has brought us to the creation of your Authentic Retirement™ plan. This comprehensive plan closes the gaps in which we previously identified and begin to pave the way to your ideal. With a multitude of resources and tools on our side, we compose a written plan and an investment discipline that focuses on meeting goals throughout the stages of your lifetime.

The creation of your exclusive retirement plan takes time and patience. We want to be sure we position you the best way we can to retire the right way, the first time. It’s an art form to create a plan that uses investment discipline and sticks to it and limits volatility and fees, all while focusing on income planning.



Once your Authentic Retirement™ plan is created and put in place, it doesn’t stop there. It is reviewed by our team on a regular basis for progress. It’s a unique blueprint for you, not a one size fits all allocation and can change over time. Our team makes the necessary changes that continue the progress to the previously set goals.

Putting your plan into action means we have taken all the big picture items, your concerns, your attitudes towards risk and created a plan tailored to your needs, goals and desires. This plan will allow you to live the retirement you envisioned.


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